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Top Tips For Travelling With Toddlers

Travelling with Toddlers

Taking to the road, or flying over them; travelling abroad with toddlers can be a troublesome task. It’d be so much easier if the little love of your life were upwardly mobile and willing to carry his or her baggage, but, given that the child in question is usually between the ages of 1 and 2, this is not really a viable option.

To help you tackle travel with toddlers, here are our tips for flying with toddlers and to surviving an overseas holiday with a two-year-old.

Packing When Travelling with A Toddler

I have a particularly vivid memory of being a five-year-old child and travelling on an aeroplane for the first time. My parents had deemed it fair that I pack my own bag, that being said, what does a five-year-old pack? Well, as it turns out, this one packs a little, red, metal, wind-up clock. Suffice it to say, airport security, even in the 1980’s was less than happy to find a ticking device going through the scanner.

Save yourself time, stress and a rather stringent search and pack for your little one.

Travel Games for Toddlers

Once you’ve gotten over the numerous planes, the funny seats and the signs in funny languages; a two-hour delay in the departure lounge will find your toddler crawling the walls with boredom and expressing his or herself through the ancient art of caterwauling.

Bring toys. Bring Tablets (electronic devices). Bring Crayons. Bring healthy snacks and bring a bumper pack of patience. Stuff it all in your toddler travel bag and feel ready for the trip.

Toddler Travel Accessories

Take a pillow/small cushion. Your toddler may need entertainment during the flight, but they tire themselves out quickly and if you’re taking a long flight with a toddler, a sleeping toddler is best! Airline attendants often have those little pillows spare, but it’s best to be prepared.

Air Travel with Toddler – Don’t Feel the Air Pressure

When you’re new to flying, the take-off is either the most exciting or most terrifying part of the flight. But once you’re airborne, it’s the pressure that can cause real problems. Ears popping at altitude is something adults the world-over have been familiar with for longer than they can remember, although when travelling with toddlers, then this will likely be a new experience for your little ones.

The tried and tested method of alleviating the pressure on a toddler’s ear drums is a hard sweet to suck on. Airline attendants come around with toffee and other sweets as a matter of course these days. Crying can clear the ears too, but a sweetie is tastier.

Flying with a Toddler

Many airlines allow for toddlers to travel for free – however, this often means without a seat. So it’s Mummy’s lap for the duration. Might be worth the extra seat if you can. The aisle seat allows for the kids to get-out and walk, but be sure and tell them to keep their arms to themselves, especially when the food cart rolls by. If the bulkhead is free, ask to relocate. There’s a little more space and your toddler can play on the floor. Don’t forget to see if you can even get free travel for your child to from First Choice.

Toddler Airplane Seat

The seat you use is required to be compatible with the airlines’ single strap method of seatbelt, must not be wider/taller than the seating on the craft and must have a 5-point restraining harness.

You can bring your own or some airlines provide seats at an added cost. It’s your choice, just remember if you bring your own seat, you’ll need to carry it too.

While Travelling with a Toddler Remember to Be Nice to Other Passengers

Chances are your little one, no matter how good they usually are, is going to kick-up-a-fuss. Be nice to the other passengers as soon as you get on. Be polite. Offer to move your bag a little if they look like they need the space. Smile. Try and include them in jokes/chat if they look like they might be receptive. It’s so much better to fly with cheery people than a group of grouches.

Sun Cream for Toddlers

Make it one of the first things you pack. Lather your child half an hour before you leave your hotel or even the aeroplane, then again just before heading to the pool/beach and then repeatedly throughout your time in the sun and even shade. A screaming, sun burnt child is the very last thing you need.

Avoid Drinking Water Abroad

Children get thirsty and toddlers get everywhere. Make sure you stock-up on those hefty bottles of water from the local shop. They’re cheap and you can pick them-up on the way to and from the beach.

Toddler Bug Repellent

A heavy duty bug spray and a net can save you a week of crying. The heat brings the bugs. Best to plan ahead and protect your temporary home from invasion. A net is light, allows the breeze to get in and keeps the bugs out.

Keep the kids on UK time

Consistency can be your best friend. Excitement can lead to issues sleeping, but if your toddler is kept to his/her schedule, then your life and that of the other passengers can be that much more relaxed. Let them rest when they want. You can handle the jet lag; your toddler shouldn’t have to.

Family Travel Insurance

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