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One of the main reasons for a joint replacement is to regain a quality of life. NOW Travel Insurance are here to offer you the peace of mind to do so and enjoy your well-deserved trip. Just complete our simple online medical screening to obtain an instant joint replacement travel cover or call one of our UK agents for assistance.

Traveling after a joint replacement.

Some people worry that the new joint will set off the alarms during security checks, however the general advice is that hand held scanners and a pat down is sufficient to confirm your implant, if the scanners are alerted.

There are risks of DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) after surgery and medical advice should be sought for personal recommendations by your GP/Consultant.

What is joint replacement?

This maybe anything from hip to knee and often after 6-12 weeks of convalescence you’re ready to return to normal daily activities without the problems experienced before and a renewed sense of mobility.

Could you save money by buying an annual policy?

If you are planning a number of trips over the next 12 months, an annual multi-trip policy could save you time and money, enabling unlimited travel during a 12 month period.

Having an annual policy will give you added peace of mind and flexibility knowing you are covered whenever you wish to travel. Annual travel insurance

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