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Flybmi Airlines

Please see below the latest update from our underwriters TIF in regards to Flybmi airlines ceasing all operations.

Following the news that Flybmi Airlines have ceased all operations we here at tifgroup would like to clarify what is available to policyholders.

If you have booked a flight with Flybmi Airlines and have done so using your credit card, please contact your card provider to see if a refund is available.

People who have a Flybmi Airline flight, please do not travel to the airport as Flybmi Airlines are no longer flying. Those who have a Flybmi Airline flight booked via their tour operator should contact their tour operator in the first instance.

Cancellation or curtailment is something which is not normally covered when it is due to Scheduled airline failure, unless specific cover has been purchased. Please refer to your policy wording.

In the event that you have specific questions not answered by this directive, please feel free to email us on and we will endeavour to offer an answer.