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Europe has so much to offer, why go further?

Europe, the world’s second-smallest continent with the second-largest population, contains a higher number of countries than Asia, a continent five times its’ size. This is a testament to the extraordinary cultural diversity that Europe offers.

UK residents are lucky to live near a continent that has such rich heritage, culture and land diversity. Incorporating vast mountain ranges, beautiful beaches and everything in between. There’s also plenty to offer those looking for culture or an additional adrenaline rush with the advantage of no stop over or night flights.

Whether it’s an Adventure holiday, Winter escape, Beach holiday or City break – why not take a short, well deserved European break?

Here’s a few of our favourite destinations:

Dalmatian Coast

Croatia has one of the most stunning stretches of coastline in the world, incorporating beautiful beaches, islands, towns and cities (such as the medieval cities of Dubrovnik or Split) along the length of the Dalmatian Coast.

There is an ideal opportunity to go island hopping with each island offering its’ own unique character and atmosphere amid the warm Mediterranean climate.

If you enjoy a bit of sailing whilst away, you’ll be able to explore some of the smaller beaches and harbours that other holiday makers can’t.

Swedish Lapland

The Northern Lights, dog-sledding and snow-shoeing and riding a snowmobile are just a few of the things on offer in Swedish Lapland.

Swedish Lapland is the perfect short break adventure holiday destination and a great place to view the fantastic Northern Lights in the winter, where temperatures can be as low as -40c and experience Midnight sun in the summer time, where temperatures can rise to over 30c.

When the snow melts there is still plenty to do with activities such as Kayaking, Sailing, Walking and fishing on offer, plus the scenery is absolutely stunning.


Seville, the birthplace of the mythical Don Juan, is the perfect relaxed city break location. Its’ laid back atmosphere, hot, dry climate, stunning architecture, streets lined with orange and palm trees plus the abundance of delightful parks and gardens to explore are just a few reasons to visit!

Seville is perfectly walkable city with nothing being more than a 20-minute walk if you stay in the centre. The historic centre is best explored on foot, relaxing with a coffee, crawling from one tapas bar to the next (washing the fantastic food down with a fino sherry or cold beer) visiting the local attractions or perhaps going for a stroll along the picturesque River Guadalquivir.

The stunning Cathedral of Saint Mary of the See, or Seville cathedral, is the largest in the world. Once a mosque, the cathedral houses the tomb of Columbus and the tower called La Giralda, is the most prominent of all remaining Islamic monuments.


Stockholm, built on a series of islands, is one of the most appealing cities in Europe. In the depths of winter, when the delight can be brief, the sea can freeze solid where children can be seen skating to school past the vast Royal Palace.

Stockholm hosts a wide range of museums and attractions, stylish hotels, fantastic restaurants, bars and clubs. The Vasa Museum is one of the finest museums in the world and contains the preserved hull of the Swedish navy’s flagship that sank on her maiden voyage of 1628.

In the summer time, the 25,000 diverse islands of the archipelago come alive. With city dwellers travelling to their island holiday homes, taking to the waters of the Baltic sea in yachts and kayaks and perhaps also participating in one of the many hosted sailing regattas that take place. Kayaking is the perfect way to explore the islands and there are many camp sites available for the more adventurous traveller.

If your looking to stay rather close to home then why not check out European Best Destination Guide for more information on where to go and stay.

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