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Have anything planned for the Easter Holidays?

Easter Holidays

The Easter Holidays are just around the corner!

Over the Easter Holidays you may not be able to get hold of the free tickets for the very popular Easter festivities at Vatican City but with our  European travel insurance and Worldwide travel cover, you can be reassured that wherever you decide to celebrate we have you covered.

Easter traditions and celebrations from around the world:

In the UK the Easter period begins from Maundy Thursday to Easter Monday and with many faiths having their own celebrations and rituals, during this time, to both commemorate and celebrate the death of Jesus and his resurrection from the dead. Festivities such as Easter parades with fancy handmade hats and Morris dancing also seeing in the beginning of spring.

Traditionally chocolate eggs are eaten as a symbol of rebirth, being loosely based on the shape of the rock from the tomb where Jesus lay and rose from. Hot cross buns with depicting the Cross and Simnel cake with 12 marzipan spheres’ representing the 12 disciples excluding Judas are also eaten over the Easter period. Spring Lamb is also often eaten as part of a Sunday roast in the UK.

However, many traditions are performed involving eggs, a symbol of rebirth, as part of the Easter celebrations. From egg rolling to Egg Jarping in the north east, a tradition also prevalent within the USA and Australia during Easter.

Easter Holidays Egg traditions from around the world.


The town people of Bessières in France create a giant 10ft omelette for all to share over the Easter Holidays, often using up to 5,000 eggs. This was believed to originate from a request made by Napoleon to feed his army individual omelettes as they stopped in the town one night. The omelettes they ate were so good that they requested a giant one be made the following day using all the eggs available.

Egg dancing believed to have originated in Germany is the tradition of dancing around eggs, randomly placed, without breaking any.

Eastern European countries such as Hungary, Slovakia, Poland and more, present a food basket at church that includes eggs to be blessed. The basket is covered with handmade cloth and the eggs are often decorated on the Thursday before Easter. In some of these countries water or perfume is sprinkled on each other in exchange for eggs, taking place on Easter Monday.


In Mexico, over the Easter Holidays, hollowed out eggs are filled with confetti and broken over another’s head.

All around the USA Easter egg hunts take place, with egg rolling traditionally taking place at the White House.

In India at Easter people purchase decorated store eggs and give them to children amongst other gifts as part of their celebrations, involving dancing and baking cakes.

Australia holds its Royal Easter Show, being within their Autumn period, which takes place in Sydney and lasts two weeks, where Australia’s best produce is on show.


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