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Diabetes is an extremely common condition and one that can be frustrating at times. Travel insurance for diabetics can be obtained by simply getting a quote online or by calling our friendly UK based agents.

NOW Travel Insurance Services are specialists in providing travel insurance for diabetes sufferers.

Travelling with diabetes

As with all medical conditions it is important to plan ahead when travelling. Pack extra snacks for your journey and ensure you have all your monitoring equipment to hand. Remember, time zones and different climates may have an impact on your routine and may affect how your insulin and monitors work.

You should always ensure you have a doctor’s letter, stating you are required to travel with your medication and injections. Also ensure you travel with more than the required amount of medication for your trip in case of unexpected delays.

What is diabetes?

Diabetes occurs when the affected person has little insulin (type 2 diabetes) or no insulin (type 1 diabetes) in their blood.

Insulin unlocks blood cells to enable glucose to enter and to be used as fuel to do everyday things such as walk. Type 1 diabetics will need to inject insulin daily to enable the cells to function properly, whilst type 2 diabetics can usually regulate their diabetes with a healthy diet and increased exercise. Some type 2 sufferers may also need to take medication or insulin.

If you have diabetes and are concerned about travelling our diabetes travel insurance is a must have and is only a few clicks away.

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