High Blood Pressure

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High blood pressure, also known as hypertension is a common medical condition amongst the UK population and is one of many conditions that can be covered using the online medical screening process of NOW Travel Insurance Services, or by calling our friendly UK based agents.

NOW Travel Insurance Services are specialists in providing high blood pressure travel insurance.

Travelling with high blood pressure

It is advisable to have your blood pressure checked before you travel, even if it is well controlled. When travelling, always ensure you have a doctor’s letter and more than the required amount of medication for the duration of your trip in case of unexpected delays.

Before you travel it is also recommended that you check with your doctor to see if there are any special precautions you should take or if you require any extra medication or vaccinations.

What is high blood pressure (hypertension)?

High blood pressure simply means that your blood pressure is continually higher than the recommended level. This higher level could put added strain on your heart and arteries, increasing the risk of a heart attack, stroke or other health issues.

As hypertension rarely has any noticeable symptoms most people don’t initially know that they have the condition. Once measured and diagnosed high blood pressure can be easily controlled with medication and lifestyle changes.

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