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NOW Travel Insurance are specialists in providing travel insurance for COPD and other medical conditions. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease affects more than 3 million people in the UK today, meaning that COPD travel cover is becoming a more frequent request.

Travelling with COPD

When travelling we recommend that you always carry your regular medication in your hand luggage (see restrictions on liquids, gels and creams) and inform your airline should you require any specific assistance, during your flight, to alleviate your condition i.e. nebulizers or inhalers.

What is COPD?

COPD is associated with conditions such as Emphysema and Bronchitis and is a condition which narrows the airways and passages to the lungs, making breathing difficult.

Environmental triggers such as pollen, dust and air pollution are among many factors that contribute to the onset of this condition.

Could you save money by buying an annual policy?

If you are planning a number of trips over the next 12 months, an annual multi-trip policy could save you time and money, enabling unlimited travel during a 12 month period.

Having an annual policy will give you added peace of mind and flexibility knowing you are covered whenever you wish to travel. Annual travel insurance

Please note that a NOW Travel Insurance Services policy does not provide cover for any trips to or through Afghanistan, Cuba, Iran, Liberia, North Korea, Sudan or Syria. Also, no cover is provided for claims arising as a direct result of the situation highlighted by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office where You have travelled to a specific country or to an area where, prior to Your Trip commencing, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office have advised against all (but essential) travel.

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