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8 Adventure Travel Tips To Live By

Travel Tips To Live By

There are those for whom the recipe for a heavenly holiday involves sun, sea, sand and doing as little as humanly possible; then there are the adventure travellers. Adventure travel is all about choosing an experience that’s a bit different, opening yourself up to a new culture, activity or challenge that you’ll remember forever. From travelling 3,000km across India in the infamous Rickshaw Run, to scaling Africa’s mighty Mount Kilimanjaro, the list of adventures waiting to be embraced is as diverse as it is endless.

If the wanderlust in your heart lies alongside a thirst for adventure, take a look at our eight adventure travel tips to live by. After all, you only live once…

1. Know your limits

Rule number one when it comes to booking an adventure holiday is to take a long, hard look in the mirror and be honest with yourself about your strengths, weaknesses and what it is that you really yearn for. If you have a low level of fitness and don’t intend to embark on any kind of training routine, the spontaneous decision to climb Everest might not be one of your better ideas. However, this isn’t to say you shouldn’t aim high – just be realistic about what you are willing to do to get to your end goal.

2. Stay flexible

Perhaps one of the best bits of travel advice in any situation, staying flexible will help you keep your cool if anything fails to go to plan. If your bus is late, your luggage is delayed or an unexpected deluge puts a dampener on your fun, tell yourself some of the greatest discoveries of any adventure are when unplanned events occur. Stay open, flexible and embrace what life throws at you.

3. Push your boundaries

Whilst understanding your limitations is important, challenging yourself and pushing your boundaries is key to adventure travel. Try something new and remember that, whilst the course of adventure does not always run smooth, taking yourself out of your comfort zone will teach you that you’re more capable and resilient than you might have imagined. The only thing to fear is fear itself.

4. Pack light

This is adventure travel, not a fortnight of relaxing by the pool in Ibiza. Pack smart and pack light as there’s nothing more frustrating than lugging around a truckload of luggage filled with trinkets and items of clothing you simply never end up using. Do your research before you go and be brutal with your packing shortlist. Remember, some items will be easy to pick up on the road if necessary.

5. Be curious

Nurture your inner child and approach new countries, cultures and experiences with open eyes and an open heart. Engage with local people, sample the local cuisine, buy souvenirs from local shops – you didn’t embark on an adventure holiday to eat MacDonald’s and sit in your hotel room. Be inquisitive and who knows what you might discover?

6. Go somewhere new

If you’re stumped for ideas when considering your next adventure holiday, why not focus on the destination? Instead of returning to an old favourite, choose somewhere different.

7. Share your experience

In this world of social connection, inspire other would-be adventurers with your experiences. By documenting your travels with photos or even blog posts, you’ll create a record you can treasure forever. Plus, connect with other like-minded travellers and you might just receive a few top tips for your next experience.

8. Book that ticket

Don’t wait for the ‘right time’ to go unless you have a properly thought-out plan of action. If you just bide your time and wait for travel plans to magically fall in place, the years will pass before you know it and suddenly, new responsibilities and life changes will mean that adventure you dreamed of has dropped down the priority list. Be bold, book the ticket and get ready for the ride of your life.

Adventure holidays, by their very nature, hold an element of risk, but this is particularly true if you intend to participate in certain activities or sports while you are away. Activities like skiing need a specific type of travel insurance to ensure that you’re covered, or you could face a pretty hefty bill should you need any medical attention on your trip. Explore our range of affordable policies and get your quote today.

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